Word Documents

How to Unlock Word Documents Using a Computer

In case you have accidentally locked your Word document without the appropriate password, then you need to know how to unlock Word. If you try to open a document in Word, even if it is locked, then it locks again and displays the message “You do not have permission to open this file. You need to provide the correct password in order to open the file.” Without the right password, your document remains secure from unauthorized persons.

Fortunately, there are various walkthroughs on how to unlock a word document with the proper password. The first step on how to unlock Word for PDF or Excel files is to determine whether your file is protected by Word Protect. Word Protect is a Microsoft application that protects documents during the opening and editing process. Without the proper password, this application is rendered useless and unusable. To learn how to unlock Word documents for PDF or Excel, first, go to the following link to read more about this type of protection.

If you have forgotten the password for your word document that contains PDF files, then the simplest and most reliable way to acquire access to these documents is by using the Find option. You can simply type “Find” into the search bar of Microsoft Word. This will open the dialog box of Word and allow you to locate the stored file or folder. If you cannot locate the missing document or file, then you should go to the following link to learn how to unlock Word documents for PDF or Excel. Here, you will find a walkthrough on how to unlock Word for MS Office file protection.

For the second step, click on “Change” next to “Open”. In the pop-up window, click on “Run”. You will be prompted with a message saying that Word is not connected to a running application. Click “Yes” to continue. In the following step, type the new password.

For the third step, click on “File” and then “Remove”. The file menu will appear and you will see two options. The first option is to choose “Yes” to permanently remove the document or file from your computer. The second option is to click “Remove as empty Document”. You should repeat all steps in this step, if the document or file is infected with malicious objects that prevent the software from being able to run.

For the fourth step, you need to go to your Word application and click on “Tools”. Select “Map” from the main menu and click on the button “Map Full Page”. Enter a new name for the document and click OK. For the fifth step, you have to click on “IO (Internet File Access)”. In the pop-up window click on the button “Reselect Document”.